EHS Policy


EHS Policy at DPC


Dhofar Power Company S.A.O.C (DPC) operates a power utility system covering Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution to its customers.


DPC respects the importance of the Environment in which it operates, and will make all reasonable efforts to minimize the impact of its activities on the Environment.


DPC is committed to the management of Health and Safety in order to provide a safe and healthy workplace for DPC employees and contractors. DPC is committed to maintain a safe system of supply in order to minimize the risk to the consumers and public alike.


DPC will make all reasonable efforts to manage Environment, Health and Safety and will commit to the following objectives to successfully manage its business.


·         Complying with the applicable EHS legislations of Sultanate of Oman while conducting Power Generation and Distribution related operations.


·         Prevention of pollution, minimize OH&S risks by designing our facilities and conducting our operations in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.


·         Conservation of resources, such as natural gas, fuel oil, water and power.


·         Minimize pollution by waste reduction, recycling and reuse and disposing remaining wastes utilizing safe and responsible methods.


·         Creating awareness amongst our employees and all other concerned on the EHS aspects to enable them carryout their responsibilities in a safe and environmentally responsible manner and motivate them to take active participation in EHS activities.


·         Continually improve our associated operations and management systems by conducting periodic EHS evaluations and taking appropriate corrective and preventive actions.


All DPC Employees and Contractors are responsible for the EHS performance in their work areas. The overall responsibility lies with the Chief Executive Officer of DPC and implementing the DPC-EHS policy will be that of the Director of Generation and Director of T & D.  Functional heads are responsible for the EHS performance in their areas of operation. The EH&S Manager will assist the Generation and T & D, Directors in maintaining and monitoring the DPC-EHS policy and performance.

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