Dhofar Power Company Visits Qairoon Heriti Basic Education School

In light of the DPC's efforts to serve the community and to increase the level of awareness of the ways of saving energy, a delegation was organized from the company to visit Qairoon Heriti Basic Education Girls School; based on an invitation by the school. Eng / Dina Saeed Khalfan and Ms.Layla Al Shahry, Website and Translation Supervisor in the Communications and Awareness Team met with the students. Layla began by giving a brief definition of the company, its mission and its role in the community, and provided some information about the rationalization of energy consumption and how to save energy.

After that, Dina shared with the students her experience as the first girl to be hired as an engineer in Dhofar Power Company, her educational career, and the challenges she faced in her journey to become an engineer. The students were very pleased to meet her and asked good questions about her specialization and the nature of her work.

At the end of the meeting, the door was opened to ask questions about the company and for ways of saving energy. The students also asked many questions about how to select majors that fit students’ preferences and skills, but that are also relevant to the job market.

It is worth mentioning that at the end of the visit the school principal presented a certificate of appreciation for Dhofar Power Company, for their participation in this event and their effective contribution in inspiring the students.

Monday the 26th. Dhofar Power Company S.A.O.C. - MdaHosting