Dhofar Power Company Tendering Process and Evaluation Procedures shall be governed by the Royal decree -36/2008 of the Sultanate of Oman.

DPC/Tender/2017/117 Owner’s Engineer Services for Implementation of Distribution Projects for the Year 2018 to 2021.

For tender details please click Here : DPC/Tender/2017/117
DPC/Tender/2017/140 : UNE-LOT 10C-2017
01) Oman Tribune
02) Al Watan
For tender details, Please click here: DPC/Tender/2017/140
Issue Date : 25-Sep-17
Closing Date: 23-Oct-17
Issue Date : 11-Oct-17
Closing Date : 1-Nov-17
Issue Date : 16-Oct-17
Closing Date : 23-Oct-17
Issue Date : 18-Oct-17
Closing Date : 25-Oct-17
Issue Date : 18-Oct-17
Closing Date: 25-Oct-17
Issue Date : 17-Oct-17
Closing Date: 5-Nov-17
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