Frequently Asked Questions

You can apply for a connection by contacting our staff at offices from 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM from ( Sunday - Thursday)
Some documents are required to apply for a connection. Customers must provide the Krooki, Mulkiah (proof of ownership),a no objection letter from Municipality, a copy of ID card as well as a copy of electrician’s license.
You can get your bill through our agent ONEIC at their offices in your region.
In case of any emergency or electrical failure or even complaints please call80077700.
The consumption can be reduced by using electricity saving devices and by shutting down the unused devices.
  1. Check to see if any of your neighbours have lost their supply. If they have not the problem could be with your electrical installation.
  2. If you have a trip switch, check to see if your trip switch has moved to the ‘off’ position. If it has, switch off all your appliances and try to reset the trip. The supply may then come back on.
  3. If the trip switch is in the on position, if your neighbours also have no electricity or if you can find no other reason, there may be a problem with the electricity supply in your locality. If so please contact us on 80077700 to report the problem.
It is useful to keep a torch handy.

The Customer fills the Customer Complaint form and returns it to the Customer Service Offices in his region.

Two possible cases that can be exist:

1. If the Complaint has been resolved but the Customer not satisfied, the Customer can send a letter to the Customer Service Manager.

2. If the Complaint has not been resolved as yet, then the Customer Services department would referral the issue to the Authority of Electricity Regulation.

The customer must complete the Services form at our offices or at our agents Oman National Engineering and Investment Company (ONEIC) offices and after completing the form, OMR 10 to be paid at ONIEC. DPC’s Customer Service will contact the Customer after inspection.

There are two possible outcomes after inspection:

If the meter is functioning correctly, the OMR 10 is not refundable.

1. The meter has been found to be faulty due to no involvement of the customer and DPC will replace the unit at their own cost. The initial OMR 10 is refunded.

2. If the meter is found to be in need of repair or replacement due to no involvement of the customer, the OMR 10 is refund to the customer and the company will repair or replace the meter

If you would like to change the location of the electric meter to a different location, please complete the application form at one of our customer service offices or at our agents Oman National Engineering and Investment Company (ONEIC) offices and present it with the latest paid electric bill. After the application gets approved by the customer service manager, a 15 RO fee is required to be paid at ONEIC.

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