Vision Mission and Values


Through competent staff and best practices, we will exceed customer expectations and be among the leading utilities in MENA region by 2020"


"To deliver safe, reliable and efficient electricity services and creating value for our customers and stakeholders" Mission Statement


Supporting Mission and Vision statements, DPC has identified following core values to be adopted among the employees for operational excellence as shown below:

  • Professionalism

    Seeking and providing honest feedback Maintaining and increasing skills Considering organizational needs in your own development Sharing individual expertise and experience Supporting and mentoring others

  • Customer Focus

    Making customers a top priority Consider long- and short-term customer needs Delivering on commitments to customers Taking responsibility for improving customer service

  • Respect

    Being sensitive to others’ time Recognizing contributions of others Supporting work/life balance needs of self and others Treating others impartially and with dignity Practicing patience and active listening

  • Integrity

    Keeping commitments and promises Representing the truth Acting in the best interests of customer, company& individual Adhering to the company’s ethics Accurately utilizing and representing own competencies



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