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At Dhofar Power Company, we recognise the responsibility the company has in ensuring that the steady increase in demand for electricity can be met while also maintaining standards across the distribution network. To keep up with the increase in the demand from the industrial, commercial, and tourist sectors, as well as the growth in infrastructure projects, we have pledged to supply our area of operation with a robust network as well as high quality services to keep customers connected when they need us most.

We serve more than 100,000 customers in the Dhofar Governorate, including high value Industrial accounts holders, who consum round 20% of total available electricity capacity, underlining the contribution that Dhofar Power Company is making to the national economy. The continuous growth in our customer base demands us to continuously improve the network, remain aware to changing trends and make sure customers are aware of the options available to them, and how to use electricity smartly to save both energy and money, and continue to progress as a community and as a nation.

We are firmly aligned with national plans for the development of the electricity field which will guarantee quality, safety and sustainability through a highly skilled team of specialists. Alongside this plan, we are committed to maintaining the beauty of Dhofar and have many initiatives to give back to the community and to the environment. We have moved as many electrical wires as possible underground to reduce the visible impact, and while this is a difficult balance, we will always operate in a way provides a quality level of service to the customer without sacrificing the natural environment.



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